| Holding onto my vote while waiting for Ramaphosa to prove Madiba right

I have deleted this article several times and the reason for it was I was honestly waiting for the ball to drop – or rather the bomb to drop.

Well, I was caught up by the euphoria of our newly elected president, Cyril Ramapaphosa. You can’t blame any South African being caught up in it, even the EFF was in a essence caught up in it. How did we get here, one needs to ask? It was the “end of an error” as Zapiro perfectly titled it in the Daily Maverick of Dec 15, 2017. I am not going into details with regards to Zuma as there is nothing left to say. 

Cyril started off with a bang, pleasing most of the populists, diplomats and radicals. Even the EFF sat patiently during SONA. That in itself gave a clear indication of what type of leader we are dealing with now at the helm of the ANC and SA. Yet it still seems there is a hint of the old cronies left in the Cabinet and in the top six.

They say a new broom sweeps the best but it does appear that the new broom is also hindered by some. Honestly Ace-up-his-sleeve and David-slaying-Goliath should never have made it into the top six. Free state and Mpumalanga are in a dismal state of affairs with large enough smoke of corruption to indicate to the NEC that electing them will be a mistake as we have seen in the past by electing some(one) with a cloud of corruption charges hanging over them.

I hope their stay is not as long or as damaging before they are brought to book.

Strategicly our newly elected president could not have placed better people in charge of where SA‘s money currently lies. Pravin Gordhan has proven that he is a custodian on moral grounds and a tough nut when the pressure is on. Good luck to any board member and executive in the SOEs. Pravin is coming for you. With Nhlanhla Nene getting back the job as finance minister I can see that overseas investors he is currently engaging with will have a positive impact on our economy.

The one thing I cannot seem to grasp is the ANC trying to get Julius Malema back, his radical ideology is dangerous especially in a social climate where racism is still rife or seen as to be rife. Maybe they realised that the support base for the DA largely stayed the same or growing little by little and the support base of the ANC is drastically going down, and the votes they lose, they lose to the EFF.

The one thing I can give the EFF is that they are action orientated. It might not be a bad idea for Cyril to also be more action orientated, he says he is and we are giving him the benefit of the doubt but the clock is ticking and people are waiting for the words and actions to actually having a real impact.

If I can make a suggestion and it is like my previous article in suggesting they axe Alistair Coetzee and appoint Rassie Erasmus. Maybe, just maybe someone close to him reads this and whispers in his ear, he should actually start by keeping people accountable for their actions. In modern times you do your shady deals and when the heat is on and pressure is high you resign and nothing happens, no recourse, no trails and no justice. Not one sitting in jail for their corrupt activities and enrichment schemes.

With the likes of Tom “the untouchable” Moyane, Shaun “the sheep” Abrahams still at large at SARS and the NPA I am still not convinced that things will get better anytime soon.

I am still holding onto my vote as no party has convinced me yet that justice must be the only thing that prevails in the end. Ramaphosa‘s first Q&A session was not as good as I would have hoped; sometimes being to diplomatic can have far greater consequences that being straight and firm.  

So, Mr President, there was a very specific reason why the great late Nelson Mandela chose you as a successor, please show the country, the world and him why.

As our children and our children’s children are depending on it.

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