Who’s quitting Ramsay Street? And Izzy takes a pregnancy test: 6 huge Neighbours spoilers

Everyone is leaving us!

Several residents opt to leave Ramsay Street this week. Is it something we said?!

Things escalate with Izzy’s pregnancy plan, although she’s hit with two lots of bad news. Raf raises even more suspicions and finds himself hauled in for questioning by Mishti.

Ben goes through with his plan to leave, but he’s not the only one.

Here’s your Neighbours spoilers for this week…

1. Izzy takes a pregnancy 

Izzy is in trouble – her ex husband’s daughter has shown up prepared to do anything to stop her getting her hands on more of Clint’s money. So now Izzy needs to up her plan and definitely get pregnant, that way Karl will have to look after her. It’s time to take a pregnancy test…

2. Ben leaves Ramsay Street

It’s an emotional farewell for Ben as Xanthe has to watch him leave, and Karl and Susan have to say goodbye to their grandson amid all of the Izzy drama.

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3. Izzy gets her pregnancy test results

It’s not the result she wanted – there is no baby. Or perhaps it is – turns out Izzy never wanted a baby, she just wanted to get close to Karl again. She reveals the last time she felt happy was when she was with him. Seeing her vulnerability, Susan tells Izzy she should stay in Erinsborough so that Holly can be near her dad. But settled family life isn’t for Izzy and Karl catches her as she plans to flee. Is she leaving Erinsborough forever? What about Holly?

4. Aaron becomes suspicious of Raf

David introduces his new bloke to his friends and family, including Aaron, and it becomes clear Aaron and Raf used to date. Aaron is concerned, he thinks Raf is using David to get at Paul and he sets about trying to work out what the newcomer is up to. But he takes things too far, incurring the wrath of David and embarrassing Raf in front of Amy, Leo and David.

But Aaron shares his concerns with Mishti and they start to put two and two together – was he behind Leo’s accident? David is left reeling when he learns his new boyfriend could have put his brother’s life at risk.

5. Susan leaves Erinsborough

It’s all got too much for Susan with Izzy leaving and Karl’s behaviour. And to top it off Karl loses his job thanks to Izzy. She decides to leave to go and spend time helping Ben to settle in Oakey leaving Karl to look after Holly alone.

6. Mark is struggling with his broken heart so Paige makes a huge decision

Mark has been finding life around Paige increasingly difficult, and makes a mistake when he kisses Elly clearly still not over his ex. Paige can see she continues to hurt him and makes a huge decision – she and Jack will leave Erinsborough for a while to give Mark some much needed space.

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Scenes air from Monday 19th March at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.



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