Lord Sugar: I would pay £50,000 to see Piers Morgan on Strictly

Lord Sugar has offered to pay £50,000 if Piers Morgan signs up for Strictly Come Dancing and makes it past the first five weeks.

The businessman said he would dig deep for charity to see Morgan – who he called “as agile as a pregnant donkey” – on the dancefloor, after the presenter suggested he would be interested.

Lord Sugar’s challenge started when it was reported that Good Morning Britain star Morgan wanted to take on presenter Dan Walker on the dance contest.

Lord Sugar tweeted: “I would pay £25k to charity to see this plonker in tight pants dancing and another £25k if he makes it past the first 5 weeks he is as agile as a pregnant donkey.”

When presenter Alex Beresford chimed in to say Morgan would not do it because “he hasn’t got the balls”, Lord Sugar responded: “Yes Alex you are right.

“I hope the fellow at the takes up the challenge then is stuck for opening his big mouth.

“Force him to do it, embarrass him on its up to £50k to charity.”

Morgan later posted a light-hearted response to Lord Sugar throwing down the gauntlet, teasing: “Not the first time you’ve paid to see a man in tight pants dance for you, is it, Shuggsy…”

Undeterred, The Apprentice star stepped up his campaign.

“Come on Piersy you have opened that big mouth of yours now agree to do it,” he urged.

“I am willing to pay up to 50k for charity to those poor kids at .”

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