Who created Kirby?

A pink sphere with no hands, who almost never speaks, may seem like an unusual gaming hero.

And yet, brave and greedy Star Warrior Kirby (from the planet of Pop Star) is absolutely huge in the world of Japanese-authored games.

Kirby’s in the top 50 best-selling game franchises of all time and he already has 20 games to his bouncy name.

So who created the little rosy-cheeked gladiator, when was he born, and how did he begin?

Kirby was created by Japanese video game experts Masahiro Sakurai, 47, and Satoru Iwata, 55.

Sakurai is responsible for bringing the character to life. He created Kirby when he was just 19 and working for the HAL Laboratory.

From there he made the first game, Kirby’s Dream Land, for GameBoy in 1992.

However, the character began with the name Popopo. A simply-drawn dummy character, he was also originally intended to have a more sophisticated design.

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Over time, the designers grew too fond of Kirby’s simple ball shape and kept it.

Sakurai wanted Kirby to be pink, but games developer Shigeru Miyamoto thought he should be yellow. Nintendo opted to make the character pink.

So popular is Kirby that, like Pokemon, he inspired an anime TV series. As of 2018, Kirby games have been released on GameBoy, Super Famicom, Wii and all kinds of Nintendo.



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