Photographer takes out of this world pics using drones to create mountain halos

-born photographer and musician Reuben Wu is ridiculously talented.

Seriously, he takes the of starry night skies in the most imaginative ways and they look like they belong in sci-fi films.

Now living in Chicago, the artist has made a name for himself with his pioneering method of using drone lighting to manipulate the landscape and create breathtaking photos.

Capturing these images as part of his Lux Noctis series, Reuben tells Metro about his work and how he gets it so perfect every time.

Lux Noctis is an award-winning, personal series which shows landscapes influenced by planetary exploration, he says, as well as nineteenth-century sublime Romantic paintings, and science fiction.

While as a camera isn’t anything new, he uses it as an aerial light source, tracking its movement and capturing the effect, which usually leaves a halo-like ring around the subject of the landscape image.

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‘We are overwhelmed every day by beautiful images of the familiar,’ he explains.

‘I imagine these scenes transformed into undiscovered landscapes which renew our perceptions of the world.


‘A lot of research goes into these images: poring over maps, moon cycles, weather patterns and tourist traffic. I spend the day on location planning compositions, locations, hiking tracks and GPS markers and then wait until sundown before I start shooting.

‘I keep my entire kit portable so I can hike to very remote spots. I never fly when there are other visitors present, it’s important to me that the location is very remote and I am alone to create these pictures. The landscapes are all lit with a light mounted on a drone which I position above the scene to create the desired look, and I typically create one to three images a night.

‘One of the shots accidentally caught the final burn of as it exited the earth’s atmosphere on February 6.

‘In some of these images, I’ve shown the light source in the form of a light path. I see it as a kind of “zero trace” version of the Land Art movement but where the environment remains untouched.’

You can follow him on Instagram, , where there’s also details of how you can buy his prints.

Check our Reuben’s amazing pictures:


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