General Motors to Stop Releasing Monthly Sales Reports

General Motors Company (GM) said in a statement Tuesday that it would stop releasing its sales report every month and instead report every quarter.

The move, while a break from tradition, will give a better picture of sales since figures won’t be skewed by one-off events including adverse weather or which day the report is released. The company said after Tuesday’s sales numbers, second-quarter sales will be reported on July 3, third-quarter sales on Oct. 2 and fourth-quarter sales on Jan. 3.

Monthly sales figures fluctuate, making the task of separating real sales trends from short-term undulations difficult, GM said. IHS Markit Senior Analyst Stephanie Brinley told the Detroit Free Press that quarterly reports would show “more reality” and less volatility.

“Monthly reports overemphasize events like a big incentive,” she told the newspaper. “It’s a bold move by GM, but you can get a better view of the market when you step back a bit.”

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