Family fears home will fall into the sea as severe weather batters UK coastlines

A family fears their 500-year-old cliff-side home will fall into the sea after huge cracks appeared in the ground following Storm Emma.

Mounds of soil formed at the base of cliffs below the Blue Anchor Hotel, Minehead, Somerset on Wednesday, just hours after wind and rain battered the West Country.

Cracks appeared just metres from their door and now hotelier Cara Strom, 42, and partner Marcus Kravis, 49, face the prospect of losing their livelihood

And Cara’s daughters Sinead, 11, and Lucy, 16,  could lose the family home they share with brother Paul, 23, and their two spaniels, Milo and Jasper.

The family, who took over the hotel 18 months ago, had no idea they’d lose ground so quickly.

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Cara said: ‘It was a terrible shock. I’m very concerned about my livelihood, and about my family.

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‘It has been an ongoing problem for quite a few years, but nothing dramatic. We have been working hard to try to find a solution over the past few months.

‘We didn’t think it would come this quickly.’

The Environment Agency sent staff out to inspect the site on Friday but Cara is fearful that any action taken will be too late.

She said: ‘I have never seen anything like this. Nobody would be able to give a time estimate. They do think it is very concerning.’

The hotel, which dates back to the 16th Century, has been forced to cancel overnight stays.

The mum-of-three added: ‘The building is safe, but once the pub falls into the sea, the road will be next.

‘I think it is a reality now. Once that land does slip away, we won’t be too far behind.

‘The building will follow suit. I can’t afford to move anywhere else.

‘It is my livelihood, job, home and my family’s home. It is so busy here, everyone is coming to have a look.’

Meanwhile homes in Norfolk have been evacuated over fears they could collapse into the sea after the severe weather destroyed the coastline.

The beach in Hemsby in Great Yarmouth was cordoned off by police who warned people of the ongoing threat to their safety, while homeowners were given the option to be rehoused in temporary accommodation.

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Lifeboat crews were on standby to help with evacuation and homeowners spoke of the devastating speed at which the dunes were torn apart from beneath them.



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